Graciane FINZI
France, composer
Professor at the Paris Conservatory of Music
« The first time that I heard her, I was immediately seduced by her beautifully warm and vivacious sound, and by the clarity of her technique. Her musicality and her understanding promise her a bright future as a musician. »

Philippe JORDAN
Switzerland/France, conductor

Musical Director for the Paris National Orchestra
« I was surprised by her technical capacity and seduced by the great sensitivity of her play. She has a fantasy and a sonar spectre that one rarely finds among harpists. »


France, harpist

Solist with the Intercontemporain Ensemble, professor at the Centre Supérieur de Musikene in San Sebastian (Spain)
« This young musician, whose evolution I have always followed, possesses at present great command of her instrument and the experience of an accomplished artist. Her capacity and skill are quite simply remarkable. ».

Isabelle MORETTI

France, harpist

Professor at the Paris Conservatory of Music
« Emilie feels the music in a fabulous way and posses a deep musical understanding and extraordinary precision »


Rumania / France, cellist

Member of Musique Oblique

Professor of chamber music at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique of Paris
« Emilie possesses a breathtaking technique. Her musicality allows her to transcend the difficulties of her instrument and renders her interpretations extremely clear. Emilie has both a strong character as a soloist and great human qualities that enable her to integrate a musical ensemble with ease. »

Marie-Pierre LANGLAMET

France / Germany

Solo harp at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Professor at the Herbert von Karajan academy
« Emilie Gastaud is a young harpist with great talent.

She joined the Herbert von Karajan academy following one of the best auditions that I have ever heard».

Philippe BERNOLD

France, flutist

Professor of chamber music at the Paris Conservatory of Music

Professor of flute at the Lyon Conservatory of Music
« She is an accomplished instrumentalist, gifted with an exceptional sense of music. »


France, flutist

Principle flute at the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, Sony classical artist.

« Emilie Gastaud is one of the most talented young harpists of her generation.

She is perfectionist, intelligent and a musical vituose.

Her large pallet of talents has been proved time and again in international competitions.

Emilie’s playing is very expressive, lively and dynamic.
She feels at home on stage.»

... and in the press ...

Actu septembre 2015:
Emilie est le portrait de la semaine de l'ONF

Emilie Gastaud et l'Orchestre de Chambre de Toulouse mettent la harpe à l'honneur !
Du 10 au 14 février 2014 à Tournefeuille et Toulouse, l’Orchestre de Chambre de Toulouse et Emilie Gastaud consacreront quatre représentations à la harpe.

 "Le Beaufortin" 3ème trimestre 2013

Emilie Gastaud est le "jeune talent" du Journal DIAPASON d'Octobre 2013

Journal : SUD OUEST

Le mercredi 17 Octobre 2012
SAINT FRONT SUR LEMANCE - Sous le charme de la musique française


La république de Saine et Marne

May 2004
A grand finale
Emilie Gastaud, a young and highly talented harpist of 16, offered the charmed public a varied and emotional repetoire. The Axone quatuor joined her for a Piazzola tango, ending the concert with a wave of applaud.

Journal de Limoges

August 2008
Emilie Gastaud, the young girl with the harp
Emilie, a young, talented and passionate harpist, who is already coveted by the greatest orchestras, has gold in her hands.

Journal de St Quentin en Yvelines
Mai 2008

The young talents of the Promethée orchestra
…It is a young harpist, Emilie Gastaud’s turn to draw attention. The young prodigy, who distinguished herself in January when accompanying Roberto Alagna and Nathalie Dessay for Eve Ruggieri’s show « music at the heart » on Frane 2, has successfully completed the competition for the Karajan Academy, antechamber of the mythical Berlin Philharmonic.

Journal: The middle favourite

August 2009
Emilie and her cordes!
Guest of the Limousin anysetiers, Emilie Gastaud is a vituoso, a rising star of the harp.

Frankfurter Neue Presse

18 05 2010
A gushing team spirit

The members of the Berliner Philharmoniker academy glow in the Alten Oper
It was an evening filled with humour and good spirits that brought the certitude that the future generation of musicians for Sir Simon Rattle and the Berliner Philharmoniker had arrived.

Fifteen young international musicians, highly talented and with a delicate flair for the aesthetic of sound, presented five different trio formations. After the sophistication of their entrance, the musicians are quick to show that they don't lack humour, presenting their bilingual conference in the form of the Eurovision competition. And so the public was transported through a charming rendition of 20
th century programme: from the « Cinq pièces en trio » for oboe, clarinet et bassoon by Jacques Ibert via the trio for strings (1933) magnificently ironic piece by Jean Françaix to the amusing sonate pour cor, trumpet and trombone by Francis Poulenc. A culminating moment was the sonata for flute, alto and harp by Claude Debussy, that Péter Matyas Bicsak, Zydrune Stonyte and Emilie Gastaud that captivated the audience, plunging us into a natural and intimate atmosphere. Just as grandiose was the « Tafelmusik » for three percussionists by Thierry de Mey, a piece during which the performers showed with incredible ease their musical capabilities. The closing moment involved all the musicians in an arrangement of the Suite « Arlésienne », showing also their incredible team spirit.

Journal de la Musikhochschule de Hambourg

Early 2010
Phrasings like a prima donna
Xavier de Maistre's harp class

Xavier de Maistre no longer gives master classes nor private lessons - « All my energy as a teacher goes into teaching my students at the HfMT (Conservatoire de Hambourg) ». For three successive times, the harp position at the Karajan academy of the Berliner Philharmoniker was occupied by a student of his class. Emilie Gastaud commutes between Berlin and Hamburg, one the one end to play with “the Berliners” and benefit from the advice of Marie-Pierre Langlamet,on the other, to take lessons with Xavier de Maistre. She has already received the first prize of the Paris CNSM, her CV is decorated with several prizes and she will soon obtain her « Konzertexamen » (exam) from the HfMT during the summer of 2010...

Journal of the Hamburg Conservatory of Music

April 2010
Growing collaboration between the Hamburger Symphoniker and the Hamburg music conservatory
… For the first time within the « Stars von morgen » (stars of tomorrow) concert series, the Hamburger Symphoniker invited the most promising graduates of the Conservatory to play as soloists. Emilie Gastaud charmed the public with the harp concerto by Ginastera. …

Journal de Villard sur Doron

September 2010
The church of Villard sur Doron resonnated to the sound of the tango this Friday 13 August. People had gathered to hear Emilie Gastaud play the harp, accompanied by her father on the vibraphone – both united by the same love for music. They had prepared a decisively modern programme, revisiting classics. The sounds of the instruments mixed harmoniously and offered a most personal interpretation of known and appreciated music. The church was packed, the room taken over by the music and the musical complicity of these two artists.

Journal : La Provence

October 2010
Roquevaire Organ festival : The complicity of Emilie and Michel Gastaud
For this transition concert the emotion was tangible in the complicity between father and daughter. A complicity that the organist Philippe Brandeis wholly contributed to. The three musicians majestically interpreted a unique repertoire where the organ showed all its softness in harmony with the harp. The audience was not immune to the charm of the musicians or the innovation of the programme and it was under a wave of applause that the musicians offered a bis.

Juillet 2022
Gautier Capuçon, super-héros de Dvořák à la Grange au Lac :
Après l’entracte, la seconde partie du concert commence d’ailleurs dans la même dynamique : cette fois-ci, c’est au tour de la harpiste solo de la formation d’être mise en avant dans les Danses sacrée et profane de Debussy que le compositeur avait écrites spécialement pour un instrument dont la facture était alors en pleine révolution. Nullement intimidée par ce rôle inhabituel de soliste devant ses collègues, Émilie Gastaud en profite pour montrer toutes les ressources expressives de sa harpe, donnant une vraie consistance mélodique à ses cordes pincées et une large palette de couleurs et de timbres aux harmonies debussystes.